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Prepare for Singles’ Day – the world’s biggest E-commerce festival

With four ones, the date 11.11, also known as Singles’ Day, has become a shopping extravaganza for Chinese people and the neighboring regions. Last year’s Singles’ Day record a total of nearly $18 billion in sales on Taobao only, five times larger than the USA’s Cyber Monday ($3.4 billion) and Black Friday ($3.34 billion). 

It might be difficult for foreigners to grasp the concept of Singles’ Day, and even more difficult to participate in this biggest shopping day worldwide. Following this guide, you will be able to find the hottest deals and get the most out of this retail festival.


Started by Alibaba on their Tmall platforms as an annual sale event, Singles’ Day has gotten so big that the trend spread to other E-commerce players inside and outside of China. 

Chinese websites:

Southeast Asia websites:

These above sites with their extensive range of offers should be able to keep you busy. Learn the difference between these sites and how to select reliable suppliers here

Common terms

To create more attractive deals and increase the rate of participation, the rules of the game are getting more complicated year after year. To best understand the system and get yourself the best price possible, you should be familiar with the following terms.

Pre-order: Paying a deposit before the date will get you an even lower price. Pre-order allows retailers to calculate potential sales and prepare inventory in advance. Nonetheless, pre-orders are non-refundable in case you change your mind about paying for the rest on Singles’ Day.

Coupon: Working just like physical coupons, E-commerce coupons can get you discount for specific products for a smaller price. 

Red packet: You can complete missions or enter lotteries to win red packets. These red packets are filled with credits that you can use on your orders.

Speed is crucial 

When the clock strikes midnight on 11.11, millions of people rushing in to snatch their favorite items. With Alipay and WeChat as the two main E-payment services in China, orders are completed in just one click and one verification. Last years’ sales exceeded $10 billion in just over an hour and the number is expected to climb even faster this year. Hot items with limited quantity are likely to sell out in minutes, thus we suggest finding someone to race for you or alternatives with lower demand. 

Other shopping festivals

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