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Verify your supplier on Alibaba, 1688, Tmall, Taobao (Part 2/2)

Verify your supplier on Alibaba, 1688, Tmall, Taobao: PART 1

As we already covered wholesale suppliers (Alibaba, 1688) in the first post, today let’s talk about 2 giant retail platforms: Tmall and Taobao.

For retail buyers (Taobao, Tmall)

When searching for an item on Taobao, you often have the option to select All Sellers (Taobao + Tmall) or Tmall Sellers. Even though both are customer-focused platforms, only registered businesses can sell on Tmall while Taobao is everyone’s playground. If you are looking for branded, high-quality products with excellent customer service then Tmall is definitely your go-to stop. On the other hand, Taobao’s open market ensures you the best price and product range. With different purposes, Tmall and Taobao have different methods of evaluating their sellers.


Upon clicking into a product, you can scroll down to see a brief introduction about the supplier on the left side including store name, years of experience and 3 most relevant stats. In order to discover more, you can click on the numbers to open a new tab like the following picture. All stores are indexed and compared within the industry, therefore choosing a supplier with data higher than the common average should be able to give you more assurance.


With a low restriction, Taobao covers a much more extensive range for sellers. To detect and avoid scammers, Taobao has developed a strict point-based system to rate its supplier, taking account of every transaction the store has ever made.


  1. Gold seller: The first thing you should be searching for is the medal, marked by Taobao to distinguish sellers that consistently fulfill Taobao’s weekly inspection. Buying from these merchants guarantees you true-to-description products with minimum delay in domestic shipping.
  2. Store name
  3. Store credit: The store gain or lose credit points with every transaction reviewed by previous buyers.
    • Positive rating: Plus 1 point
    • Neutral rating: 0 point
    • Negative rating: Minus 1 point



A high credit point proves that the store has been in business for a long time with a lot of happy customers. You can refer to the following table for credit point symbols:


4. Manager contact

5. Contact


6. Verified information and deposit amount: This section allows you to find out more about the sellers and if there are any disputes that the store doesn’t resolve, the deposit will be put into use by Taobao’s customer service.

7. Reviews and Rating: On a scale of 1 to 5, these are the customers’ feedback on the store’s product matching description, service satisfaction and logistic quality. Review and detailed statistics can be found by clicking into the numbers.

As the new production hub of the world, no country can beat China in terms of price and diversity. However, how you choose a supplier for your business makes all the differences. We hope that with this article, Boxme Global can be of much help to all the fellow entrepreneurs out there. Good luck with your business!

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