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Netsale Membership Program

Netsale lets you find products, add them to your store and ship them directly to your customers.
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Netsale Membership Program
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Gold Member
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Supporting Services
Product purchasing/ import
Product Inspection
Custom Clearance Document support Document support
Warehousing/ Fulfillment
Last-mile Delivery
CoD support service
Product Purchasing FeeAs Listed PriceAt 1%Free
Product Inspection FeeAs Listed Price Discount 15% Discount 30%
Warehousing Fee Free 15 days Free 30 days
Packaging Fee Discount 15% Discount 30%
Delivery and CoD Handling Fee Discount 5% Discount 10%
Payment Policies
Product Purchasing Payment Deposit 100% Deposit 70% Deposit 50%
Service Payment Debit Debit Credit/Debit
Product Insurance Policies
Damaged Products during transportation Refund 50% max $5 Refund 50% max $10 Refund 80% max $15
Returned Orders
Customer Services/ Complaints
Supplier Complaint Support
All service fees generated from Netsale system can be adjusted after order is inspected (weight, size, quantity, etc.) to ensure customer's rights.

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