Netsale Asia

Help your buyers return unwanted products with Netsale’s supported return handling services!

Now your customer can bring and drop returns to any of Netsale’s hundreds supported collection points across the country! Let them know how to do it to become a more reliable sellers now!

How Netsale proceed a return request?

Upon receiving return – exchange requests, kindly follow these steps.

Receive And Confirm Return Request
From Buyers

Log Return Request To Netsale System & Send Return Information To Buyer

Guide Buyer To Bring Returns To Any Of Our Drop-Off Points

Return & Exchange Dropoff Places

Have your customer drop-off returns to any of the below drop-off points!

What happens next?

Netsale provide return handling services so sellers can proceed everything in Netsale system. No effort needed!

  • Returned product inspection – Netsale helps inspect the condition of the product to verify return reason.
  • Confirmation of return product with seller – Seller can check condition of returned products (photo) in Netsale system and choose handling options.
  • Returned product handling options – Netsale provide 3 options for sellers: Return to seller, Re-deliver to buyer and disposal of product.

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